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Inspirational Travel Tales



Mar 28, 2016

In the wave of recent world events, the focus is on why fear is normal and what you can do to make sure that it does not ruin your life. Life is always going to be unpredictable, but we must soldier on.

Mar 25, 2016

Interview with an Expat in Thailand. It covers the cost of living, jobs and advice for anyone who might be contemplating the move. Jenny and her husband moved from the U.S to Taiwan. Baby came later and they have made a nice home for themselves on foreign soil.

Mar 21, 2016

A visit to the old royal residence of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Once under Visigoth and Islamic rule. It was turned into a fortress when the Christians came to power. Used as the site for the Spanish Inquisition. Historic figures have resided here at one time or another.

Mar 14, 2016

A trip to Cordoba in Southern Spain is not complete without a visit to La Mezquita. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with a colorful and rich history. Description of the courtyard, interior and the artifacts.