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Inspirational Travel Tales



Apr 29, 2016

This episode features Allison Jones, a very cheerful and energetic fashionista, traveler and wife. She discusses life on the road with her basketball playing husband. They are currently in Japan. She juggles schooling with all these (Masters in Marriage Counseling).

Apr 15, 2016

Podcast with Expats series with Frank and Lissette who are slow traveling through Europe. Frank discusses how they budget for their travels and favorite destinations so far. Other topics covered include cost of living and how the decision to travel  came about.

Apr 8, 2016

This podcast episode number 13 features Anita and Richard who left the U.S for a nomadic life over 4 years ago. They discuss their travels through Latin and Central America and are now picked Lagos in the Algarve region as a place to settle down for a while. Visa type and cost of living are among the topics covered.