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Inspirational Travel Tales



Jun 13, 2022

Xiaochen was born in China but his parents moved to Japan when he was young, and then to the U.S. a bit later.  After traveling to many countries, he recounts some of his experiences and favorite places, plus what made him start the Study Abroad in Japan initiative and how to get started and make it happen.

May 30, 2022

Shakira Stover talks about life in Spain versus the U.S. and how handles being a mom who works in the U.S and lives in Spain. She shares the cost of living for her family of five, and how living in Spain suits them more. Nothing is left unsaid.

May 16, 2022

Interview with Martin, a hiking enthusiast who has completed the Long trail, a 273-mile journey across two countries. He talks about the setback and eventual return to finish his goal. Advice for anyone interested in hiking and more stories from the road.

Apr 4, 2022

Linda King, a travel writer, and blogger of the smarttravelista site stopped by to chat about budget travel and safety on the road among other topics. Her past experiences in the travel (airline) and banking industries allowed her to start her own business that deals with all aspects of traveling for would-be travelers....

Mar 15, 2022

An interview with ex-pat Paul Kennedy on his life and travels throughout the world before ending up in Hanoi where he is putting his culinary skills to work and prepares to release his first book delving into Asian culture and food. He shares some stories and advice for others.