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Inspirational Travel Tales



Dec 26, 2020

An interview with Eduardo Lozano who lives on  Tokushima Island. He chats about how he decided on Japan for ex-pat life, meeting his wife and settling into a career teaching young children English, plus his love for acting and directing shorts, gaming, and podcasting. #Expatlife #Japan #Tokushima

Dec 18, 2020

Christine Osazuwa is my podcast guest on this episode and she talks about what ultimately spurred her into moving out of the states in 2016 for a life in Stockholm with her husband. Now living in London, it was interesting to find her reasons for moving on from there, differences in lifestyles, and why she is happy...

Dec 4, 2020

An inspiring conversation with Vivinne, a meditation and mindset manifestation coach on what caused her to make the change from a tenured professor to coach, and finding happiness as an award-winning  Yoga goddess of Chakra. Now she teaches others on the same path. #Chakra #Yoga #Selflove