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Inspirational Travel Tales



Aug 28, 2020

An interview with Leah Thrapp, a luxury travel curator currently living in the U.S. Her stories of travel in Europe organizing off the beaten track adventures for clients, traveling with kids in tow and adjusting, as well as how the coronavirus pandemic has severely damaged her once-thriving business. #Travel #Luxury

Aug 21, 2020

An introduction to the hostess of the show. Kemkem shares her life story of growing up in Nigeria and moving to the states where she lived in Boston, L.A and Houston before embarking on expat life with her husband. Malta first, now Spain.

Aug 14, 2020

Podcast episode with Mytrae Meliana, the author of the memoir titled "Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American woman's journey from broken to beautiful". She talks about her journey from India to America and being "kidnapped" by her own family and bundled off back to India. Her crime? Falling in love with an American...

Aug 7, 2020

An ex-pat currently based in the Canary Islands (where she had originally started her journey). Born in the U.K. to a Jamaican mother, Jeanette shares about her horrendous experience as a teacher, and declining mental health. Dubai was great to her, and she went on to Columbia and that did not work out either. Life...